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David Bach

Deputy Dean & Professor in the Practice of Management

Yale School of Management


Corporate Purpose & Leadership

The End of Globalization?

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The End of Globalization? was an online Global Network Course hosted by the Yale School of Management that explored the rise of populism, economic nationalism, and anti-globalization, and their impact on business and society. Taught in spring 2017, the course tackled issues emerging in real time by connecting students, lecturers, and instructors in multiple countries. Students took on the role of principal investigators, gathering public opinion and sentiments toward political parties in their own cities; speaking with locals about globalization and business; and assessing the potential risks for businesses in their regions from anti-globalization rhetoric and actions. They worked in virtual teams to sort through the data and to formulate hypotheses. The course culminated with a series of student hackathons on Global Network campuses and presentations by selected teams at a discussion including Prof. David Bach, former Secretary of State John Kerry, and Albright Stonebridge Group Managing Director Michael Warren.


“The End of Globalization?’ was one of the highlights of my time here at Yale SOM. It was incredible to be able to connect with students twice a week from around the globe. It was fascinating collecting real-time data and video clips on globalization from across the world. In order to solve the largest problems not only for our country but the world, we need to start reaching outward and across borders.”

—Elizabeth Heng ’17




David Bach

David Bach is Deputy Dean & Professor in the Practice of Management at the Yale School of Management. An expert in political economy, his research and teaching focus on business-government relations, nonmarket strategy, and global market regulation. At Yale SOM, he teaches a core MBA course on State & Society as well as an elective course on Nonmarket Strategy.

As a member of Yale SOM’s senior leadership team, Dean Bach directs the school’s Executive MBA and a portfolio of newly established management master’s degrees; spearheads engagement with the 32-school strong Global Network for Advanced Management; catalyzes curricular innovation in the area of global business; guides online education initiatives; and oversees Yale Center Beijing.




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