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Robert Sroufe

Murrin Chair of Global Competitiveness

Palumbo Donahue Graduate School of Business




This core required course, provides transformational learning opportunities for MBAs.   Students hear from business leaders, integrate sessions with faculty across disciplines, analyze and evaluate case studies, while also being on-site with businesses to review projects.  In teams, they develop a LCA sustainability plan, and compete in an Energy Management System design competition.  By doing this, they understand the attributes of sustainable business practices, measure performance, apply a Social Cost of Carbon (SCC), model uncertainty, and explore the business case for sustainability focused initiatives.  Students develop:

1.    The ability to identify sustainable business opportunities, utilize LCA data and make recommendations as to how to implement new product initiatives.

2.    Familiarity with the drivers and measures companies use to implement sustainable initiatives, develop a sustainability plan, and the costs/benefits of these activities.

3.    An understanding of the financial models and business case for initiatives including energy management systems, building retrofits, clean energy, and estimates of uncertainties associated with these initiatives.

“Dr. Sroufe is a key leader in our MBA Sustainable Business Practices Program.  His passion for the program, his desire to involve students in research and his vision for using the Business School as a living laboratory to study the impact of building improvements on energy use, environmental sustainability, and human health and productivity will take students and firms in new strategic directions.  He is an exemplary scholar/teacher with a vision for the future of MBA pedagogy.”

- Dean McFarlin

Dean of Palumbo-Donahue School of Business




Robert Sroufe

Robert Sroufe is the Murrin Chair of Global Competitiveness, and Professor of Sustainability & Supply Chain Management at Duquesne University’s Palumbo Donahue School of Business.  He is involved in developing and delivering action learning pedagogy within the #1 ranked MBA Sustainable Business Practices program, producing future change agents.  Winner of numerous teaching and research awards, he has published papers and multiple books on sustainability topics.  Current research projects  include understanding what drives sustainability performance, how firms can develop effective management systems, the measurement and management of Integrated Bottom Line (IBL) performance, sustainability across disciplines, high performance buildings, strategic sustainable development, integration and organizational change towards sustainability.