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Melissa L. Bradley

Adjunct Faculty

McDonough School of Business




Americans have witnessed a dramatic increase of interest, investment and participation in the “shared economy.” The significance of this economy is not purely driven by consumption patterns. Rather the movement is being fueled by the interest in the commons, an emerging type of civilization and economic system. The new economy relies upon the three major sectors of society – the state, market and civil society – but with different roles and in a revitalized equilibrium. It allows for the disintermediation of big business and empowers marginalized groups to be important constituents and stakeholders in the new economy. As this emerging concept transforms financial transactions, community trust and government regulation, the class will explore the key aspects of peer-to-peer economies.

The course will engage students in understanding the core principles of the shared economy including, but not limited to, business models, regulations, investment, and sustainability along with customer acquisition and retention. The P2P models will include US and international based organizations and review the financial and social impact the entities are having in their respective communities.


"The course was unique in that it is not the typical business school class, but at the same time it’s a class business schools should have, especially considering how vast the peer to peer economy is and how it is still growing. What makes it engaging is the fact that many of the companies studied are companies we deal with on a daily basis or that we could deal with on a daily basis but do not know about. The Professor also makes the course all the more engaging with her dynamic personality and presentation of the subject matter. Simply put, Professor Bradley provides a learning experience like none other. Her insightful and entertaining commentary on topics ranging from Bitcoin to state regulation make the class something to truly look forward to."

- MBA Student 2017




Melissa L. Bradley

Melissa L. Bradley is a tri-sector leader with more than 20 years of entrepreneurship, investment and leadership experience. Melissa Bradley is Managing Director of Project 500 – accelerating new majority entrepreneurs from high potential to high growth. She is also an adjunct professor at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University where she teaches impact investing, social entrepreneurship, P2P economies and innovation.

She is also a Nonresident Senior Fellow in the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution and Co-Chair of the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NACIE) appointed by Secretary Penny Pritzker from the Department of Commerce.

Melissa currently serves as a Board Member for The Reinvestment Fund and AEO, as well as an advisor to Wallet AI, and the Center for the Advancement of Social Enterprise (CASE) at Duke University. She is a Founding Advisor to the Dell Center for Entrepreneurs as well as a Senator with the Board of Governors at Georgetown University. She is also Founder and Former Chair of the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Alliance; Founding Member, The Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership; and Founding Advisor to LGBTQ Center at Georgetown University.