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Talia Aharoni


Coller School of Managment


Corporate Purpose & Leadership

Issues in CSR




The MBA elective course examines the area of Corporate Responsibility as an organizing axis for managing business in a multivariate world: changing the global social agenda, legislation, global trade, social and environmental changes such as massive immigration, urbanization, climate change, water shortage etc. While discussing the major issues, theories and cases of the field of CR, the course focuses on the integration of the corporate responsibility approach as an integral part of business strategy and business management, presenting possible ways of implementing the decision-making system of the modern firm, overcoming the dilemmas that arise and analyzing practical scenarios.

The course presents and evokes discussion on CR as a business strategy approach. Presenting CR as a mediating concept between the short term business objectives of maximizing profits to the long term business innovation and development, the course discusses risk management, environmental and social sustainability, corporate learning and development, stakeholders relations and business leadership.


"Issues in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was developed by Dr Talia Aharoni for incorporation into MBA studies with the aim of broadening the world view of managers concerning the implications and influences of their business decisions in a world characterized by frequent transformation, crises and change.  It is an elective course that attracts master’s and doctoral students from the Coller School of Management as well as the Porter School of Environmental Studies.  As most of the students hold positions in business companies and organizations in the public and civilian sectors, the course is notable for the high level of involvement of the participants in clarifying topical managerial dilemmas."

-Prof. Moshe Zviran

Dean, Coller School of Management




Talia Aharoni

Talia Aharoni is the founder of Maala – Business for Social Responsibility in Israel. An adjunct professor for CSR at The Coller School of Business, Tel-Aviv University, at COLMAN – College of Management and an invited lecturer on CSR issues in a veriety of academic institutions and conferences, local and global. The analisys of the impact of Maala, has lead to her PHD thesis “Glocalization of CSR : The Development and Characterization of CSR in Israel."

Prior to Maala, Talia was the CEO of Gitam Porter Novelli PR and a member of the management of Gitam BBDO Advertising. With 35 years of experience in consulting businesses, Ms. Aharoni has become the leading advocate of the concept of corporate citizenship in Israel.

Aharoni's present and past public engagements include: Trustee Wolf Foundation; Board member ACRI; Midot Analysing NPO's ; The Prime Minister's Cross Partnership; GRI Stakeholders’ Council ; MENA Global Compact; Israeli committee ISO 26000.